About Me

Disclaimer: I tend to ramble. You’ve been warned.

I am quirky and creative.  I’m a wife. I’m the “parent” of an utterly spoiled and adorable dog I love more than some people love their kids (sad, but true).

I’m passionate, fierce and strong.

I’m opinionated, and while this is primarily a blog about my personal recovery from the vicious cycle of dieting, I may share opinions on other things here, too. These may range from world events to product reviews. But I mean what I say and say what I mean, so if I support something, I believe it’s a good thing.

I’m always learning.

I love ellipses and over use them…

I stopped dieting in 2007 after working with an eating disorder therapist on Intuitive Eating. I will never go back to a life of false promises and unrealistic hopes. I still struggle with external influences that try to tell me what I should look like or who I should be, and this blog is part of my way of fighting that, of working through it.

This poem, that I wrote while frustrated with the “dating scene” still sums me up rather nicely.

I Am Not

I am not pink satin trimmed in white lace
I do not fit into that pretty baby blue box,
with the tightly looped bow
I am not ethereal or lissome
I will never be Cinderella, my feet are simply not that dainty
My hair will rebel against its straight sisters
and lie in a tangled mess around my face
Like a reddish halo

I am a strong wine
Full bodied
I will linger long after you drink in the last drops of me
My taste and prescence
Imprinted indelibly on your lips…


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